Tribute Wholesome Blends® Omega Plus


A natural anti-inflammatory, omega 3-rich blend of h emp, canola and flax oils that supports hair coat, body condition, immune health and exercise recovery.

Features and Benefits

  • H emp oil provides a unique omega 6, gamma linoleic acid, which is a natural anti-inflammatory
  • This blend is high in omega 3’s to support natural anti-inflammatory pathways
  • Supports the immune system, reduced allergic inflammation, improved heart & respiratory function, and exercise recovery
  • Promotes a healthier, shinier hair coat and weight gain

Appropriate for Ages

3 months and older

For maintenance or to enhance skin condition & hair coat: 1-4 oz daily per 1,000 lb body weight.
For weight gain or horses in heavy work: 4-8 oz daily per 1,000 lb body weight.

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