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Kent 34 Lamb Supplement


A supplement for growing-finishing lambs and gestating-lactating ewes.

Packaging: 50-lb Bag
Life Stage: Breeder, Finisher, Grower
Feed Type: Supplement
Feed Form: Pellet


Features & Benefits

Vitamins A,D and E with Selenium

Essential vitamins for healthier tissues, which helps prevent secondary infections (such as cold, pneumonia, etc.) Aids in assimilation of minerals and helps in the prevention of swollen joints, staggering gait, and rickets. Work together to help prevent White Muscle Disease.

No Added Copper

This product is formulated without added copper and is safe for all breeds of sheep. 

Sodium Molybdate 

A trace mineral that is interrelated with the activity of copper — which helps reduce the risk of copper toxicity.

Minerals and Trace Minerals 

Helps eliminate the chance of deficiency in the ration.

Ammonium Chloride

Reduces the risk of urinary calculi

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