Rescue Ant Baits


What It Kills

RESCUE!  Ant Baits kill most common household ants, including those species commonly known as pavement ants, Argentine ants, odorous house ants, crazy ants and grease ants (or thief ants).

How It Works

Ants instinctively know the colony needs both sugar and protein to thrive.  RESCUE! scientists have devised a dual-bait formula that includes protein and carbohydrate -- in a form that's easy to ingest and transport. While foraging ants need sugar bait to feed themselves and other workers, protein ensures the poison will be consumed by the developing larvae and the queen to wipe out the entire colony within days.

When placed where ant activity is seen, the foraging ants enter the RESCUE! bait station to find food. Some ingest the sugar gel while others chew off the protein bait.  Both are taken back to the nest to share with the colony. 

Sugar is fed to the other workers, while protein is fed to the larvae. These larvae act as the “stomach” of the colony, processing the protein for the queen to eat so she can continue to lay eggs.

The RESCUE! bait not only kills the workers – it also wipes out the queen and the next generation of ants.

Unique Features & Benefits

  • Mess-Free/Won't Spill
  • Child-Resistant
  • Ants Find It Fast
  • Visible Results Overnight
  • Reduce Ants In Your Home Within Days
  • Kills The Queen, Destroys The Colony

What Kills The Insects?

Worker ants are attracted to the bait station because it provides sugar and protein -- both of which are necessary for the colony. The workers take the bait to feed to the rest of the workers, larvae and queen. A small amount of borax (a naturally-occurring mineral) mixed in with the sugar and protein bait makes it the ants’ last meal.

Where It's Used

The RESCUE!  Ant Bait  can be placed indoors wherever ant activity is seen. 

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