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Wild bird enthusiasts are always looking for ways to attract the most sought-after birds to their feeders. Feeding LIVE, not freeze-dried mealworms is a sure way to attract song birds and exceptionally brilliant birds like tanagers, robins, orioles, cardinals and goldfinches. In fact, the only way to attract the elusive bluebird is by feeding mealworms. The benefits of feeding live mealworms include:
 Draw a far wider range of bird species in the garden
 Provide a high-quality source of protein and fat
 Adds a new dimension to bird feeding
 Witness new behaviors from regular visitors
 Get wild birds to feed from your hand!



Just put mealworms out where they can be found! Rather than hide live mealworms in a fridge, display them at room temperature with our eye-catching Live Mealworm Spinner Rack. Entice all garden bird enthusiasts from the committed to the novice to try live mealworms. Mealworm retailing has never been more attractive or convenient.


Our compact Live Mealworm Spinner Rack is one foot square and holds 12 cans of 500-count mealworms with an in store seven-day LIVE guarantee. Buy extra cans and store them in your stockroom fridge so you won’t run out as your new customers keep coming back for more.


Get a free Live Mealworm Spinner Rack with your first purchase of 24 or more canisters of 500 count mealworms. Retailers only: 24 unit minimum and a state resale certificate required.

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